Core Values

It only takes a short visit to our office to see that our core values are the anchors of our culture. They govern how we treat one another, how we approach our work, and how we engage with clients and candidates. We build our team on the following four core values

1. Ethics: Do what’s right

No one deal is worth jeopardizing our client’s trust. We trust each other to do what’s best for our clients, consultants, and everyone at TransTech. There’s a lot of competition, but we know how to get the job done without compromising our values. We trust every team member to uphold the highest level of ethics.

2. Accountability: Own it

We take ownership for our performance and how we conduct ourselves. We believe accountability helps us learn from our own and each other’s experiences and missteps. To foster this environment of accountability, we hold each other in high regard, even when one of us admits we could have done better.

3. Teamwork: Work as one

At the foundation of our success is the encouragement and support we provide one another. We collaborate and leverage each other’s strengths to arrive at the best solutions. Team members look for opportunities to help each other achieve goals and celebrate successes.

4. Drive: Be hungry

We hire individuals who are hungry to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Our team members are driven, and willing to get out of their comfort zone to grow. We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to industry KPIs, both as a team and individually.

We ensure that our passionate and talented team members are all moving in the same direction, with these four values as our compass.

TransTech IT Staffing - 2021 Diamond Award for Client Satisfaction
TransTech IT Staffing Award - Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction 2021